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Payment for Local Chapter - FAQ

How much does my program cost?

  • Your family fee is outlined in your Family Financial Agreement with your chapter. 
  • Fees include all in-country expenses, such as lodging, food, transportation, and excursions. However, there may be additional costs in preparing for your project with AMIGOS. Please find more details in your Welcome Packet. 

How do I pay my program fee?  

In order to pay your Program Fee, your Local Chapter will issue you a billing statement and you will submit payment directly to your Local Chapter.

Is my flight included in my program fee?  

Please consult your Family Financial Agreement regarding airfare. Airfare invoicing varies across chapters. You can find the expected cost of your flight here. 

How will I pay for my flight? 

You will be sent a billing statement via email with the link to pay for your flight and the $50 administrative fee after it is purchased on your behalf and your program fee is paid in full. You will have one week from the time you receive this email to pay for your airfare in full. 

Can I set up a payment plan with AMIGOS?  

Please contact your chapter to discuss this possibility. Most chapters accept payments made in installments. You can find their contact information on their website here.

I am interested in fundraising. How do I get started?  

All local chapter students are required to participate in group fundraising. Please check out your chapter's website here for more details.   

Who do I contact if I have questions about payment? 

Please check out your chapter's website for the correct contact information here