AMIGOS Rooming Assignment Policy

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Note: This form has checked boxes to be filled out by both parents/guardians and the AMIGOS volunteer. 

Group Lodging and Room Assignments 

During an AMIGOS program, volunteers and project staff team members may stay in a variety of shared accommodations, including hostels, farms, university dorms, hotels, partner agency facilities, and/or others, depending on the program structure. Group lodging sites may include larger dorms or smaller rooms. AMIGOS aims to ensure that every volunteer understands the available rooming options, and feels comfortable and valued in their living arrangements.  

In general, at each site where the group stays together, volunteers are assigned to shared rooms where they will sleep and store personal items, separate from project staff. Volunteers who are minors will not be placed alone with volunteers who are over 18 years old. Each volunteer will have their own bed or cot. 

Room Assignment Options Related to Gender Identity 

AMIGOS strives to create supportive and inclusive spaces for all volunteers as they explore different cultures and cultivate their leadership abilities. We embrace diversity and are committed to protecting the gender expression and identity of all volunteers. This policy outlines the options available for rooming assignments as relates to gender. 

We acknowledge that individuals may identify with a specific gender, a combination of genders, or none at all, and that identities may be fluid for some individuals. For rooming assignments, volunteers are encouraged to select the option that aligns most with their personal comfort. We request that each volunteer indicates their rooming preference in advance on the Dashboard during the application and paperwork process. This information helps us plan logistics and ensure that everyone's needs are met.

  •  Gender-Designated Rooms: We offer rooms designated for women and rooms designated for men.
  • Gender-Neutral Rooms: In some projects, at some lodging sites, we may provide gender-neutral rooming options. 

Rooming assignments are made by project staff, and assignments will rotate so that volunteers have the opportunity to meet others on their program. For this reason, volunteers cannot request specific roommates. If you do not communicate your rooming preference during the paperwork process, you will be placed according to the gender indicated on your application. 

Privacy and Respect 

During group travel, all program activities occur in common areas, and we respect the privacy of all volunteers during personal activities such as changing clothes, using restrooms, and showering. Private facilities are always provided for changing clothes, bathing, and using the restroom. We encourage volunteers and project staff team members to use the restroom facilities that are most consistent with their gender identity. 

Questions and Support 

If you have any questions or require additional support regarding rooming assignments or any other aspect of your AMIGOS experience, please do not hesitate to contact our Health and Safety Team at Your well-being and comfort are important to us. 

Thank you for being a part of the AMIGOS community. 


As the parent/guardian of my AMIGOS volunteer, I understand that per the AMIGOS rooming policy, my child can choose to stay in a gender-neutral room if available.  

____Yes, I understand and consent 

____ No, I do not consent 

____I would like to speak to an AMIGOS representative 


As an AMIGOS volunteer, please select from the following options; 

____ a room designated for women 

_____ a room designated for men 


When available, we may offer a gender-neutral room. As an AMIGOS volunteer, would you be open to be placed in a gender-neutral room: 

______ Yes 

______ No 


Please reach out to our Health and Safety Team at with any questions.  

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